Cosmetics Regulations

All cosmetic products are regulated at European level to ensure the highest level of consumer safety.

The main regulatory framework for finished cosmetic products sold in the EU market is Regulation (EC) N° 1223/2009. Oracle OEM employs an in-house chemist and a quality assurance representative to ensure that the highest quality standards are met. And if you choose to add any essential oils or fragrances to a product, you can be confident that these additions will be within the EU guidelines and comply with the IFRA standards.


It is important to note that when selling a product under your own brand, it is your company’s responsibility to ensure that the product complies with the EU regulations. The individual within your company who takes on this responsibility is known as the Responsible Person.

We have created a Product Information File (PIF) summary for all our standard products and this can be found on the relevant product information page on our website. This document contains the key details about the product including all the information you need to register the product on the EU Cosmetic Product Notificaiton Portal (CPNP).

For more details on the CPNP, please visit the EU Cosmetics Regulations page.

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